Hi, I am Susan Jones and this all began when I was making cakes and cupcakes for my family's events. Baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes brought me great joy but then I ventured into decorated sugar cookies and that was it, I found my happy place. I started Sweet Toppings in 2018 to share this love of decorating cookies to match a theme and design them to my customer's vision.

At Sweet Toppings, each cookie is baked fresh and hand-decorated with royal icing in my home kitchen. Flavors such as traditional sugar, chocolate sugar, cookies and cream, and peanut butter cookies can all be decorated with royal icing.


I can do custom orders such as themes to match your specific event as well as adding undecorated cookies like my homemade chocolate chip, peanut butter, and mint chocolate chip just to name a few.


Want cupcakes with some cookies, I can do that too! 


No matter your event, I would be more than happy to provide the sweets. 

Contact me with your details. 

What are people saying?


These by far are my favorite cookies!! I am usually not a fan of these types of cookies. Susan has that special touch. They are just so good and so perfect!!! She never disappoints 😊❤️!


Everything is homemade and decorated so professionally! The tastes are quite amazing!!!


We have eaten a lot of the cookies that Susan has made and they were
delicious! They are cute, pretty or right on point for whatever you need!


Susan Jones creates these tasty treats that are beautiful, too!